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Catherine C. Baugh

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Rapid Resolution Therapy Practitioner

I have been a mental health counselor in the Florida Keys since 1997.  In 2010, I retired from my position as Psychiatric Program Director at Lower Keys Medical Center and now devote myself full time to my private practice in Big Pine Key utilizing Rapid Resolution Therapy®.

While I was working as a licensed mental health counselor at Lower Keys Medical Center in the Department of Psychiatry and Chemical Dependency, I often encountered patients who had a history of abuse and trauma as well as the primary diagnosis that brought them to the hospital.  Attempting to provide the most valuable and beneficial therapy in an acute, managed care setting, I was always looking for therapies that would be not only fast but effective.


I became aware of Dr. Jon Connelly, the founder and developer of Rapid Resolution Therapy, a revolutionary psychotherapeutic approach to emotional and behavioral difficulties. I took the intensive training, became a Rapid Resolution Practitioner, and have been successfully using this therapy.


I am the only Rapid Resolution Therapist practicing in Monroe County.

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